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DRT 1/2 Counterbalance Pilot Pressure Control On A Load Pressure Control

If you do not have pilot pressure for the pump it puts it on stand by. When you have pilot pressure for the pump it increases the pressure while it depends on the transmission issue of using the DRT1 or DRT2. This type of control is made just for load pressure control. If you look in the system the primary spool is hydraulically impelled and the pump pressure is chosen by way of the pilot transmitter. A mechanic may suggest that a different 4/3 way directional valve be used.

M1-16 to RE64263

Transmission Aspect DRT1 i = 18.2 DRT2 i = 12.4

Ports B Pressure Port S Suction Port L,L1 Case Drain Ports (L1 sealed) T Case Drain Port (Pipe Goes Directly to Tank) X Pilot Pressure Port

Control Info Pilot of Consumption 4.5 L/min

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