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Hydraulic Vane Pumps

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Tupelo Hydraulics has over 40 years combined experience, we have the ability to help you with all your hydraulic vane pump repair needs.

specializing in hydraulic vane pump repair

Hydraulic Vane pumps are commonly used as high-pressure hydraulic pumps and in automobiles, including supercharging, power-steering, air conditioning and automatic-transmission pumps. Hydraulic Vane Pumps for mid-range pressures include applications such as carbonators for fountain soft-drink dispensers and espresso coffee machines. Furthermore, vane pumps can be used in low-pressure gas applications such as secondary air injection for auto exhaust emission control, or in low-pressure chemical vapor deposition systems. Tupelo Hydraulics can help with any type of vane pump repair.

Tupelo Hydraulics specializes in Vickers Hydraulic Vane Pump Repair

Vane Pump Repair

Exploded view of Hydraulic Vane Pump

Exploded view of Tandem Hydraulic Vane Pump

Tupelo Hydraulics

Hydraulic Vane Pump Repair

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  • Hydraulic Vane Pump Cartridge Kit
  • Hydraulic Vane Pumps T6 T7 Series
  • Low-Pressure-Variable Vane Pump
  • PFE PFED Series Vane Pump
  • SQP Series Vane Pump
  • VQ Series-Vane Pumps
  • V10V20 SERIES Vane Pump

Hydraulic Vane Pump Applications

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  • Barber-Greene Pavers Sundstrand
  • Blaw-Knox Pavers Dynex-Rivett
  • Bomag Rollers Linde, Rexroth, Poclain
  • Case Backhoe Webster, Commercial
  • Case Track Loaders Sundstrand
  • Case Dozer Sundstrand
  • Case Wheel Loader Commercial
  • Case Excavator Linde, Kawasaki
  • Case Skid Loaders Sundstrand
  • Caterpillar Dozer Linde, Rexroth, Tyrone, Vickers
  • Caterpillar Track Loaders Cat, Linde, Vickers, Tyrone
  • Caterpillar Excavators Linde, Rexroth, Kawasaki, Cat
  • Caterpillar Milling Machine Sundstrand, Ross
  • Caterpillar Motor Graders Vickers
  • Caterpillar Scrapers Tyrone, Vickers
  • Caterpillar Backhoe Rexroth, Vickers
  • Caterpillar Wheel Loaders Vickers, Tyrone, Linde
  • Daewoo Excavator Linde, Kawasaki
  • John Deere Backhoe Deer, Oil Gear (Hydura)
  • John Deere Dozer Sundstrand
  • John Deere Track Loader Sundstrand
  • John Deere Wheel Loader Sundstrand, Tyrone, Rexroth
  • John Deere Excavator Linde, Uchida, Hitachi, Kawasaki
  • Dresser Track Loader Linde
  • Gradall Excavator Commercial, Rexroth, KYB
  • Grove Excavator Commercial
  • Hamm Rollers Linde
  • Hitachi Excavator Hitachi, Kawasaki
  • Hyundai Excavator Kawasaki
  • Ingersoll-Rand Roller Sundstrand, Poclain
  • Kato Excavator Kawasaki
  • Kobelco Excavator Kawasaki
  • Komatsu Dozer tyrone, Commercial, Hydreco
  • Komatsu Rollers Vickers, Sundstrand
  • Komatsu Wheel Loaders Komatsu
  • Komatsu Excavators Komatsu
  • Liebherr Excavators Linde, Liebherr
  • Liebherr Excavators Track Loader Linde
  • Liebherr Track Loader Linde
  • Linkbelt Excavator Linde, Uchida
  • P&H Crane Rexroth, Tyrone, Commercial
  • Putzmiester Concrete Pumps Rexroth
  • Schwing Concrete Pumps Rexroth
  • Volvo Wheel Loaders Tyrone, Vickers
  • Volvo Read Dump Commercial
  • Wirtgen Milling Machine Rexroth

How does a Vane pump work

A slotted rotor is eccentrically supported in a cycloidal cam.  The rotor is located close to the wall of the cam so a crescent-shaped cavity is formed.  The rotor is sealed into the cam by two sideplates.  Vanes or blades fit within the slots of the impeller.  As the rotor rotates (yellow arrow) and fluid enters the pump, centrifugal force, hydraulic pressure, and/or pushrods push the vanes to the walls of the housing.  The tight seal among the vanes, rotor, cam, and sideplate is the key to the good suction characteristics common to the vane pumping principle.

The housing and cam force fluid into the pumping chamber through holes in the cam (small red arrow on the bottom of the pump).  Fluid enters the pockets created by the vanes, rotor, cam, and sideplate.

As the rotor continues around, the vanes sweep the fluid to the opposite side of the crescent where it is squeezed through discharge holes of the cam as the vane approaches the point of the crescent (small red arrow on the side of the pump).  Fluid then exits the discharge port.


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