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Dry Valves That Work on CSI Hydraulic Pumps

hese valves are used to remotely control the refuse packer trucks and  a lot of other trucks that have an on and off hydraulic system that is started up with a primary engine. This takes the need away for having a clutch assembly. The horsepower is minimized by clearing out the non operating mode when you have speeds up to 2400 RPM’s. And when you are in work mode, it will let you have full pump mode up to 90 RPM. You can have two pumps when the valve are at pressures of 2500 – 3000 PSI.

The pump sections are constant, very trust worthy as far as internal gear pumps on the P50/51 and P75/76 series. The P50 and P75 have a rating of 2500 PSI and the P51 and P76 are at 3000 PSI.

The valves generates at 80 PSI. When the pilot signal that operates on the vehicle air system, goes right into the valve itself. You don’t have to have a secondary air cylinder to operate other valves. Most dry valves are made to fit 2″ split flange mountings. The dry valves have a notch in the valve spool to give off 4 gpm for the grease in the pump to work in the non operating model.

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