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HPV Axial Piston Pump Remote Pressure Control

The pressure control and this control are kind of the same but have some added applications to it. It is a two stage compensator that has two pressure modifications. One goes toward the lower pressure limit and the other for the upper pressure limit.

There is a vent line that you will need that goes to the back to the reservoir. You will need to vent the line so the pump will go the lower pressure position. If you have a blocked line it makes it go the upper pressure position. Relief valves can be managed with one or more of these valves. These valves will need to handle pressure up to 3500 PSI, so it can set the pressure setting of the pump.

You can choose to put these controls on systems that are variable and numerous pressure are needed. the line for this unit is around 60 ft. and needs strong piping to make the system durable.

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