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Mill Hydraulic Cylinders

You can get with the factory and custom order your cylinders. They do offer lower pressure cylinders also. There are large bore cylinders that go up to 24″ and as much as 30′ long. Also, you will need to let them know about different sizes or if you want it standard when ordering.

There are different port sizes available, orings, boss , pipe ports and SAE four bolt. They do offer cushion cylinders. As with anything, you will need to give specifics when ordering.

The tubing is honed and chrome plated, that is another option. The piston rods are chrome plated is available. Pistons comes sizes up to 10″. The pistons are usually iron, those over 10″ come in steel and bronze overlay bearing surface.

The piston and rod seals mainly come in a U cup application with a urethane compound. If you want other compounds you will have to request it.

When looking for quide lines about your cylinders

How many

Mounting styles

Bore size


Rod diameter


Port location

Kind of hydraulic fluid

Operating temperatures

These are just a few of things you need to think about, among the job you are using the cylinder for, before ordering your parts.

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