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Air Line Filters, Regulators & Lubricators Part ll


The pressure drop indicator is sold by itself. You put it on an existing filter or something like it, so you can see pressure drop. It easy to tell by the yellow signal. You can put this on an angle mount or stud mount. Just make sure when you order these to tell which kind of mount you are going to putting this indicator on.


Bowl guards are highly suggested with a bowl filter. If you have a polycarbonate bowl – 150 psi and 120 degree F or a metal bowl – 250 psi and 200 degrees F. And if you want an automatic drain or a D, impulse drain order F. And float drains are n/a on 3000 series filters. Also, if you want a pressure drop indicator order 8.


Filters take out about 99.95% oil and debris. If you need vapor and aerosols use a coalescent. It separates by gravity and it doesn’t clog up. Also, if dirt can be take out upstream, then it will do it with oil from air on an going basis. As long as you use these filters like they are made to do, they will always work fine, as long as the velocity is not too much. They also take out vapors and odors.


Oil Barrier Air Filters – on the left and Pneumatic Air/Oil Reservoir on the right (for pneumatic circuits).


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