Sub-Plate Mounted Valves

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Valves That Are For Hydraulic, Vacuum & Pneumatic Use

These valves take foot, manifold or subplate mountings. They use a pad of protection for the control of the media that goes in between the spool and valve body to give snappy response time. You will find an oring at both ends of the spool to give extra steadiness. It comes four ported valves. Air …

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Manual Pilot – Directional Control Valves

When you order parts you will need to do the following: Make sure you know the size, the ports, any options you want on there, need to know if it air, oil or some other type of fluids. And if you order the main valve, see if you need the secondary actutator. And lastly tell …

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Manual Valves – Directional Controls

Sizes on these valves are 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ If you have a hand, foot or cam they can be interchangeable actuators and they have different combos. There are nine different kinds. Both ends of actuator turn at 90 degrees. The placement of the actuator comes from wherever the primary, so yours could be …

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Mechanical Valves – Directional Control

Diagrams show different ways to order. These valves are made small so they can fit anywhere and fit on most production type machinery. You can order these in several different styles and have 2,3 and 4 way controls. You can request all this when you order. Call us at 662-871-8403

Directional Valve & 2/3/4 Way Valves General Information

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Spool Variety’s and Spool Control

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Integral Regulator Filters

Ordering a gauge – put G Ordering an automatic drain impluse – D and F for float Ordering one with an adustment knob – K Ordering one with bracket mount regulator – B Just make sure you put these letters in your ordering of different options you want. If you happen to use a poly …

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Filters and Lubricators – Duo Combo

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Filter Regulator Lubricator – Trio Combo

Pressure on the bowls don’t need to go over 150 psi and temps don’t need to go over 120 degrees. If it is a metal bowl max is 250 psi and 200 degrees on the temp. They suggest you use bowl guards if it is a polycarbonate one (bottom right diagram). If you need more …

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