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Air Presser Amplifiers Series M & 4

There are several types of these amplifiers to choose from. The pressure parameters are 100 PSI to 500 PSi.

For Installation
#2 – smaller size unit for the filter and regulator changes the cycle percentage of 25-30% vs full size unit.
#3 – an upright mount is needed for this unit. You can also get this without the L stand vs a wall or bulkhead upright mounting.
#5 – the regulator controls that barely push air in pump inlet is unregulated. #6 – the air regulator goes on the tank output.

Charateristics *highest inlet pressure ** unit 4AAD-2 is proportional for a double acting that gives an output pressure that is the same amount of a pump inlet pressure and add the drive pressure also.

A. – AAD-2 100-300 PSI Flow span is 0-50 scfm B. – AAD-5 150-600 PSI Flow span is 0-15 scfm C. – AA-8 300-800 PSI Flow span is 0-8 scfm D. – AA-15 500-1000 PSI Flow span is 0-3 scfm E. – 8AAD-2 90-250 PSI Flow span is 0-150 scfm F. – 8AAD-3 90-300 PSi Flow span is 0-80 scfm SCFM – standard cubic feet measurement

Diagrams #1 – change #56585 start by hand with the check valve on the bypass line and ball valve #2 – change #56586 start by hand pilot on the outside with ball valve. And you can have valve somewhat located else where. #3 – change #56587 this starts up automatically with pilot on the outside, along with the air pilot switch. It is made to open up with the lest amount of inlet pressure.

To prevent your unit from runaways, most let the inlet air to stabilize at the outlet before you let unit to cycle.

Capabilities On the charts the dash lines show the drive air use, the exhaust. If you want to know the top speed, look where the outlet curve crosses the supply output line. If you are running at optimum performance you may have noise and maybe looking at doing work on your unit that could have been avoided. Whether you have automatic or manual valves, watch what you are doing so you don’t cycle the amplifier when the unit is down streaming of the amplifier is trying to stabilize when it is trying to get to the highest supply pressure. Also note that outlet traction(the pressure)
will go higher and outlet flow goes down, then it will stall.

An amplifier driven by air pressure is a pump that pushes part of the air that is coming in and compressed helps by cycling and letting the pump stabilize the maximum amount of output pressure. These amplifiers are small and can be put anywhere and any position. It has an necessary pilot that has a working valve that makes the drive to reciprocate and the pump to work and dispense air when it is turned on. You can have different speeds by choking it.

How to Order

Air cylinder – when a cylinder bottoms out it will not work when it pulls in.

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