Denison Hydraulics Goldcup Series 7A Axial Piston Pump

Variable Displacement With Auxiliary Package

Gauge Pressure Ranges

6000 PSI – A & B port

200 PSI – case port

500 PSI – replenishment port

1000 PSI – servo port

Putting in the system pressure gauge, make sure the modulating pin is in the port.

Don’t put the gauge in the servo filter line when you the isolation plug is put in w/o a T fitting. If you don’t do that will make you have an auxiliary shaft fiasco.

Closed Circuit

Replenishment 180-220 PSI 12.4-15.1 bar + case pressure

Servo 300 PSI 20.6 bar + case pressure +40 PSI, 2.75 bar per 1000 PSI,68.9 system pressure

Case 75 PSI 5.17 bar continuous 125 PSI 8.6 bar intermittent

Open Circuit

Replenishment – no

Servo 160 PSI, 11 bar + case pressure + 62.5 PSI 4 bar per 1000 PSI, 68.9 bar system pressure ( w/900 control, servo pressure is a constant 400-450 PSI 27.6 bar)

Case 40 PSI 2.75 bar max.

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