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Double Acting Cylinders – General Information

When you use a code for a cylinder it gives you the size and what kind it is. They use that info to get packing, sleeves, mounting rod, what stroke and etc. Here is an example. These are made up numbers.

SD78 R A -2-356

  1. SD = Double acting telescopic kind
  2. 7 = 5 7/8″ nominal o.d. of the bigger sleeve
  3. 8 = stages or sleeves
  4. R = mounting on base end
  5. A = mounting on rod end
  6. 2 = modification or model variation
  7. 356= 356 ‘ stroke
  8. this would be porting…but this one has no code for it.

Here you have code c for mountings and code m for trunnions.

Standard is pin eye. It has the biggest sleeve for a cylinder at 2000 PSi. Check to make sure your cylinder has a suggested use of a pin eye.

Most trunnion are made for a load that has big sleeves that uses 2000 PSi. Always check manufactured suggestions for your type of cylinder.

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