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Priority Outlet Valve

This valve gives you a reliable way of getting oil to the machines job, while there will be changes in the the speed or higher command of other circuits. The output needs to be the same or better than the main flow needed.

The main flow from the pump can be relayed in GPM’s and maintained in 10% of the nominal flow. You can maintain the flow by an orifice and you can’t adjust it. The subordinate flow is there to all machine jobs or can go to the tank. If the valve spool is pressure compensated it will engage the main and subordinate flow so it can pressurize it separately or do it at the same time. Most may have a relief valve that is made into it to guard against the main circuit from high pressure by easing into the pumps inlet.

Uses for this is for power steering circuits when you need a reliable flow of oil is mandatory. And when there is a combo of two jobs in one pump, a PTO and pump are gone.

You can get these valves on 25X. P30/31, P50/51, P330 and P350 pumps. They go right on the port end cover, so you want need piping for in line placings.

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