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Eaton Neutral Lockout

When you order switch nuts that have adapters, the threads off the threads of the switch are going to have a high temp water resistant grease put on the threads when they come from the factory. Put more grease on when you put it together. You can get some items without the switch.

Mating connector and terminal part numbers

Connector #1201 5792 Terminals #1208 9040 Cable Seal #1201 5323

When you are putting the servo control valve together some hydraulic fluid can come out, when trying to take out the neutral lockout switch and adapter assy. Make sure you cut off the hydraulic reservoir to the pump and let out the fluid from the pump case, that way the fluid amount left is below the servo control valve assy.

Take out the wiring from the lockout switch and unscrew the screws that go to the adapter and take out the neutral adapter from the servo control.

Next take out the switch from the adapter. Put the test light on the switch terminals. Don’t worry about polairty. If you light goes off when the ball end of the switch isn’t mashed but it still comes on this it is open switch. Don’t mash the ball so much that it is even with the housing. You could damage it for good. If you test light comes on when the ball is not mashed in, but it will go off when the ball is mashed in, it is a closed switch.

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