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Filter Regulator Lubricator – Trio Combo

Make sure you put D = impulse drain or F = float drain, if you order parts on all the types shown in this diagram.

The top two you will need to put D for impulse drain if you order parts. On the bottom two your can D for impulse drain or F for float drain when ordering parts. Filters – 20 micron basic. Regulators come as usual and have relieving types that carry a secondary pressure range – 10- 130 psi. On lubricators they come tamper resistant implement that comes with the lubricator.

Pressure on the bowls don’t need to go over 150 psi and temps don’t need to go over 120 degrees. If it is a metal bowl max is 250 psi and 200 degrees on the temp. They suggest you use bowl guards if it is a polycarbonate one (bottom right diagram).

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