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HPV Series Hydraulic Piston Pump – Mounting Flange

Here are several characteristics of these types of pumps.

It has five different displacements, .88, 1.25, 2.09, 2.62 and 3.78 cubic inches per rotation

Straightforward Design and built to last.

The size is small so it can be put in tight spaces and runs quietly.

The displacement is adjustable to help with flow rate needs and not to overload on the system.

It gives the flow needed in the system and holds the set pressure. Also this will help with wear and tear on your unit and give it the horsepower it needs. The ranges of pressure are 200 to 3500 PSI on constant need and can go up to 4000 PSI when you need intermittent burst of power.

The load sensing control gives regular flow thru the orifice and pressure that changes according to the needs at the time. It also tries to cut down the heat that is put off by the unit.

You can make adjustments or vent out the pump control from a remote area for several pressure operations.

The SAE flange mounting is your customary choice of mountings.

In the chart below are other mounting brackets styles on what models.

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