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Hydraulic Piston Cups

When selecting a piston cup you need to consider the pressure range, temperature and the fluid, as well as air the pistons are working in. The main function is on the piston head, plunger or the ram, that is used in hydraulic situations. And take into consideration the industrial sealing plane of the perimeters also.

These types of pistons are cost efficient and have a good working life span. They work good in oil drilling, pumps and presses, mining equipment, off road equipment, valves and pneumatic equipment and so much more.

Packing for these pistons don’t need any machining of a recess. Can be put in resisting piston head or backing plate. The supporting plate is inside. The constricting seal is on the bottom. It lasts a long time. Very easy to put in.

The single acting cylinders need hydraulic rams to thrust out or reverse. To go out it has a spring that helps it do that and to bring it back in is air pressure. And you can do this in the opposite if you needed to. The seal in these cylinders are similar to lip seals. They are pliable and have a large clearance while working at a low pressure. These cylinders have a gland extender that keeps it from cavitation on the rod when it is out and it doesn’t aid in air inlet entrapment when it needs to go to the cup lip. It also has another extension by the piston nut that doesn’t let the return spring get mashed. They work good on rough surfaces because they can hold on to lubricate that was already in there and keep it for later for tight quartered reservoirs.

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