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John Deere Crawler 655B/755B – Charge Pump Removal & Installation

When putting on a charge pump you will need to know if it is right or left hand. On a left hand charge pump has the transmission control pump.

You can take out the charge pump without taking out the transmission. Make sure you clean the transmission before you take out the charge pump. Take out the oil from the reservoir using a filter caddy.

Make sure you label your lines, so that when you put it all back together you know what line went where. Next take out the lines and cap off all openings and plugs. Don’t take the cap screws out of the charge pump, it keeps it together(1).

Take the screws and washers (2) to take out the charge pump (3). If you need to, tap on the charge pump to make sure the spring pins don’t create friction. Also, if you need to replace the check valves do so at this time.

Put in new gaskets on charge pump, make sure to match up holes on gasket to the charge pump, then put charge pump on and tighten up the screws and washers. The reservoir needs oil in it. Don’t start engine at this time, may have to see in a manual about how to properly do the start up.

1 – cap screw need 2

2 – cap screw need 4

3 – charge pump

4 – gasket

5 – end cap

6 – pump shaft coupling

7 – check valves need 2

8 – spring pin need 2

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