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Sundstrand Series 90/55cc Charge Relief Valve

They are making the charge relief valve adjustable in a wide variety of pressure changes that are for 290m 348 and 406 PSI. It also changes the poppet and plug. It may stick out from the pump end cap alittle more than the older model.

You will need to put in a gauge to tell what the charge pressure is. Engage the pump of an input speed of 1700 – 2000 RPM and use a screwdriver to turn the plug while you notice what the charge pressure is. If you want to change settings, the clockwise increases and the counter clockwise decreases. When you have it where you want it, tighten the nut and take the gauge off.

Sundstrand has a charge relief valve kit as a service part. You can use it on vintage models. These parts are interchangeable, but the older part will no longer be available, so you will need to purchase a new part when replacing the older one for repairs.

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