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Mechanical Valves – Directional Control

Basic Valve – can be determined with any moving part. Spools are made to take different adaptors. Spool has a .22″ stroke and seal to seal. These spools have micrometer barrel threads that are elongated to give precise flow to the valve in both directions. They can be made to stay down to help with different types of working operations. Spring Loaded – BSL is same as basic, just spring loaded. Made for straight line actuation only. It has a 22″ spool stroke. Spool/adaptors can be placed to be curtail the stroke by flow control. Spring Loaded Ball Point – BB – ball point spring loaded valve that has cam actuation capabilities. The rolling ball gives sliding/rolling cam actuation on most planes and straight line also. Has 10 lb spring, two are lighter and one is heavy. You can ask for them.

Diagrams show different ways to order.

These valves are made small so they can fit anywhere and fit on most production type machinery. You can order these in several different styles and have 2,3 and 4 way controls. You can request all this when you order.

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