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Racine PVF Variable Volume Vane Pump

*12 & 20 GPM pumps only


PVF-PSTO-12* *-01

P = Higher Standard Compensator

S= look for the diagram for screw volume control

B,C,E = look on the diagrams below for parts list for springs

R,L,D = see which letter matches up with the letter on your pump code.

*goes with bodies 221458 and 221581 only

chart to the left – *shim kit has all the shims in it (2)

chart on the right – adaptor #220533 – 20 series adaptor #220534

*each repair kit has – one pressure ring, one set of vanes, all shims, one port plate, one cover plate, one cover bearing, one body bearing, one rotor, two piston rings, two snap rings, one thru block assy., one shaft and one seal kit.

Solenoid Controlled Dual Pressure Compensator
Orifice plug is used only with external pilot. * means take out the external pilot Viton 721999 assy #
Hydraulic Dual Pressure Compensator
Orifice plug goes only external pilot. Use the ring hold up spring with this selection #401512. Make a not also, some parts are not available.
Use a relief valve with this selection and use a hold up spring #401512 with this too. Some parts are not available.

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