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Rexroth A6VM/AA6VM Hydraulic Pump – Startup

The motor needs to be filled up with fluid (fill the case chamber), start on low speed and don’t put a load pressure on it til you bleed it out. If not used in awhile, fluid can leak out thru the case in the lines. Fluid needs to be in the lines to start it back up. If you have a leak that is inside the case chamber, you will need to drain it off into the reservoir by means of the highest leakage oil port.

When you put in a motor and it is low in the reservoir you will need to do a few steps. Need to fill the piston motor before you start it up again by way of the highest leakage oil port. Make sure to run the motor at a low speed til it is bled out. The lest amount in the reservoir line is 7.87 for putting it all the way under. On installation #2 the shaft need to face up.

On installation #2 the motor case has to be all the way full before you crank it up to start. Bleed out via U position. If you have an air cushion near by it will certainly damage the bearing in the axial piston model. You will need to bleed it in a closed circuit on port G and if you have a flushing valve fitted you want need to bleed it.

If you put in the motor above the reservoir and it has been awhile since you have started it up, put lubrication on there when you start up. You will need to fill up the axial piston model before you start it up in the highest oil port in installation #2 and bled out by way of U position. Again make sure in installation #2 that the shaft is facing up.

Make sure you lubricate the bearings, the fluid that might be left over in the case chamber is not enough. Put in a check valve in open pressure of 7.25 PSI in leakage line might help with the system no emptying thru he line.

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