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Series AS/ASL & ASH Hydraulic Cylinders Part ll

#1 – Face toward the ground and introduce end caps. They are machined so that it gives off great alignment. #2 – Great cushioning #3 – On the cylinder tube it has a pilot that is snug and goes right up against the torquing area to give the best oring seal. #4 – They are straighten out before honing the stroke to give a smooth and better stroking cylinder. #5 – It is a one piece snug fit piston. It has a buna n lip piston seal. #6 – It is wear and abrasion resistant. #7 – The male seal adapter includes multiple sealing lips that are pressure renewed. #8 – This has a rod cartridge you can take out and you don’t have to loosen the tie rods. #9 – Great to use in any operation anywhere and want break like the grey iron material types do. #10 – It has a urethane rod wiper that is resistant up to four times better than other brands.

Has theoretical push and pull force. Pressure Table

Made to put on Style #2 rod ends. Has many to choose from.

Piston Rod Sizes on the chart. Diagram shows use of stop tube so it want buckle the rod and to help against rod bearing loads.

* add stroke to size ** stroke/2 + Xl size

* add stroke to size ** stroke/2 + Xl size

Likely cylinder speed. When you decide on a directional valve think about the orifice size that is the same to the cylinder connection size. This chart just show speeds under normal operation.

Magnetic Limit Switch – rating / 2 amp at 240 vac 50 ma at 24 vdc Turn around time .002of set (when it is working to same job at hand) Hook up by a single pole, double throw and form C Temp fluctuate between -60 to +250 degrees. Response time is .008 secs.

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