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Sundstrand 90 Series 55CC Axial Piston Motor

All 55cc motors will be affected s/n A-89-38- etc. All 75cc motor will be affected s/n A-89-44- etc. All 100cc motors will be affected s/n A-90-20- etc.

The charge relief and loop flushing apparatus on the older models will still be available in the parts manual. The new part numbers are listed above.

They are changing the swashplate pivot arm and pin for the 55 and 75 cc. They are only different in length. The difference in the length that goes from the pivot arm and swashplate let the arm to be used on both frame sizes.

The older models the swashplate and pivot arm will no longer be available to get as service parts. And these parts are no interchangeable. You will have to put the newer style on if you need to replace parts.

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