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Sundstrand 90 Series 55cc Cage Locator and Auxiliary Flange Charge Pump Cover

They want be putting R for right hand or L for left hand on the flange anymore. Instead the pilot surface is what is changing on the covers. The RH rotation will have 1 step and the LH rotation will have 2 steps.

The model it affects is the 90-42cc thru 100 cc pumps that have auxiliary pad options.

From now on the cage pin locator will be the same on all the 90-55, 75, 100cc models. The pin that is in the 100cc now will be the same for the 55cc and 75cc. The pin will be longer that goes into the housing than before. And the newer pumps have been made to accept the new pins.

If you want to use the older pin, it will only go in the pumps that have not been change.

Frame size 55cc old part number 8801135, new number 8801235

Frame size 75cc old part number 723205, new number 8100848

Frame size 100cc old part number 8801235 and it will be the new part number also, since this is the pin that didn’t get changed.

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