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Sundstrand 90 Series 55cc Piston Hold Down

The changes are being made to the 55cc, 75cc and 100cc variable displacement pumps/motors. The old part kit had a spacer, slipper, guide bearing for the slipper and slipper retainer. The spacer give it a certain amount of clearance for the slipper and slipper retainer. The guide bearing helps with the wear area for the slipper retainer. The washers and screws hold down it while you are putting it together.

Since the new layout has come about, there is no need washers. This type of design already exist on the 42cc and 130cc units.

The change will make the screw shorter. And it will change the spacers also. You will need to get new parts number for the screws and spacers. You can use these with the new units. But you may think about going ahead and changing it all out. The older spacers will not be available anymore. And if any threads on the old screw have been stripped in any way they want hold the unit together properly.

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