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Parker M2/4 Series General Information

Performance Curve – Oil is 65 cst 300 ssu mobile dte 26 temp 100 degrees F chart tells the torque.

Inlet Port Position – shaft rotates the way the Arrowhead is pointing on Port A. On Port B the inlet or pressure port, again the shaft goes in the way the Arrowhead points to go.

On the drain port, when you order these from the factory they will have SAE plugs on the internal drains. You will need to take those off. There is a #6 on ported motors, 1/4″ NPTF on ported motors and 1/4″ BSPP on ported motors.

Pressure – constant 2000 psi……..recurring 3000 psi Performance curve – Oil is 65 cst 300 ssu mobil dte 26 temp 100 degrees F Lowest speed is calculated by a load that is the same all the time. If you you need higher load speeds you will need to ask the factory or a hydraulic shop.

If you have questions about this Parker unit or any Parker models, we can help with repairs or get you a brand new one.

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