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Sundstrand 90 Series 55cc Swashplate Leveler Spring Seat and Servo Pressure Relief Valve Change

One of the changes made is that there will be shims go in between the swashplate leveler springs and the end cap in the pump. They have changed the leveler spring seats into a hardened piece, so there are two pieces now. Use to the seats were made into the leveler.

This will make a difference in the way you repair this unit. When you put in the lever springs, making sure the seats are in the right place on the swashplate lever. You will need to put some grease or petroleum jelly in the pockets of the end cap, before putting the end cap assemble hardened shims.

You will no longer need the servo pressure check relief valves put in the pump end cap that rotates the valves. The new way is done by a regular socket head, straight thread o rings plugs.

If you use the older model the these parts interchangeable, swashplate leveler and spring seat which is a attached to the swashplate.

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