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Parker Torquemotor – General Information

The series of motors that this is for are the TF, TG, TH and TL. They have a industrial strength thru and roller bearing for loads that the capacity is two sided loads. The roller vanes are made to cut down on friction and leakage, and give the best performance.

The TF Series

The way they have developed the makeup of this motor, it is made to handle more torque with less amount of weight. The shaft seal is made in such a way that it removes any need for a case drain, check valves or added plumbing.

A manifold that helps with operating the motor better. It has up to 1000 lbs of thrust no matter what way you go. Makes it almost for debris to get in there from other motors. It has a 36 horsepower output. Has great low speed presentation.

The TG/TH/TL Series

This series has most of the same qualities as the TF, except the horsepower on these models have a 49 horsepower output.

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