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Sundstrand Sauer Series 40 – Changes in Shafts

These will affect models M25, M35, M46 and LV pumps and motors. It changes from a woodruff key shaft to a straight key on a tapered shaft. The shafts that have the woodruff shafts are no longer available. You can get it for service requirements, but if it is replacement it will go to a straight key. This was done in 2002.

Here are the old part numbers that have a new part number.

Old Part # New Part # Part 9003310-2514 key woodruff .248x.875 * 5000664 key square .250x.750 4250012 4250164 shaft tapered 4254500 4254568 shaft tapered 4350390 4350805 shaft tapered 4350432 4350791 shaft tapered 4460309 4461308 shaft tapered 9 tooth aux 4461290 4461302 shaft tapered 13 tooth aux 4460577 4461309 shaft tapered 4460804 4461306 shaft 13 tooth/ tapered aux 4460772 4461307 shaft tapered

If you need more on differences in shafts or need one ordered, call us at 800-361-0068


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