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Sundstrand Series 20 Manual Displacement Control

On the new models the MDC, the trepan groove has been taken out from the two servo ports on the control. So now you will need washers put into the two servo ports. The washers are put in all the kits now.

You will need to put the orings in the servo port outlets. Put the washers into the center of the port outlets. If you want to make sure the washers stay where they are suppose to when you put them in the servo ports, put petroleum jelly on before you put it in. Next make sure you clean gasket surface you are putting it on, then put it on the housing and put the orifice plate in the control.

Activate the pin that goes on the control link in the hole that matches up with the small link that is on the swashplate. Glide the pin as far as it can go into the swashplate link. Pivot the control up against the housing but you have to make sure the orifice and o ring is where it needs to be. Next put your screws and washers on. Put the control handle onto the indented shaft and put the lock washer/hex nut on.

These instructions are for controls that go on variable displacement pumps and motors (not on open circuit).

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