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Sundstrand Series 90 Servo Arm Change

The new design is a press fit that goes into a groove in the new swashplate. It takes a special kind of machining for this so it will come as a kit. The parts are already assembled and used on 55, 75 and 100cc units. The parts will go in the vintage pumps. But the old style and new style, part are not interchangeable. The older parts will no longer be available.

For the 55 cc kit all the items are there except for #S10 of the diagram.

For the 75cc all the items are there that are displayed in the diagram.

For 100cc all the items are there except for #S10 and F20 of the diagram.

Also the slider block in the 55cc pump and the slider block with servo pistons for the 755cc pump are changed too. This will let the clearance for the new servo arm. The servo block and servo arm will go in the vintage units.

For more changes on this unit or need help with part numbers for ordering parts or getting your unit repaired, call us at 662-871-8403 or email us at tu**************@gm***.com

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