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The Meanings of Hydraulic Cylinders Codes and Model Numbers

The code and model number tells its type and size, which is important for ordering parts or giving to a repair shop.

Let’s say you had a single acting telescopic cylinder, you would need to know what you had in order for a repair shop to fix your cylinder. They may have to order parts to fix it. No different when you go to a tire shop, they need to know the size of the tire in order to replace the one you have on there. Dealers and suppliers (such as ourselves) will need to that in order to fix your cylinder and get you back at the job at hand.

This is an example only

Let’s say this is a S94CC-1-302

S = Single Acting type

9 = 8 1/2″ nomianl O. D. of largest sleeve

4 = 4 stages or sleeves

C = Mounting on base end

C = Mounting on rod end

-1 = Modification or desing variation

-302 = 302″ stroke

So always keep up with those model numbers, part number and serial numbers. It will make things alot better when ordering parts or working with a repair shop.

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