Fraud Blocker

Valve Manifold

the 2 station (b) – the holes for mounting

You can get blank covers for the stations that are not in use. VMBC P/N. This type of manifold saves space and helps with piping and wiring. This type of manifold holds 7 valves on one base. You can get it with more valves, will need special ordering for that. The ports run the length of the manifold. Conduits come from two to seven stations and have cut out ends for it. The supply line runs all way down the manifold. You can have an exhaust outlet for each of the valves. With individual speed controls gets rid of individual flow controls. When you get ready to order parts, have a part number handy for each station. Electrical conduit P/N of the stations that have a solenoid and you will need it for each side.

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