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Valves That Are For Hydraulic, Vacuum & Pneumatic Use

A. Solenoid, pilot, mechanical or manual… your choice. B. Hand lapped spools. C. Instant response – .217″ spool travel. D. Solid brass body that is precisely honed. E. This comes available with metering and servo spools. F. Mounting – foot, subplate or manifold. G. Spool goes directly to the body. The fitness of it lowers internal restriction to give the highest flow.

These valves take foot, manifold or subplate mountings. They use a pad of protection for the control of the media that goes in between the spool and valve body to give snappy response time. You will find an oring at both ends of the spool to give extra steadiness. It comes four ported valves.

Air valves come with speed controls made right in to it. Best mountings are foot, subplate and manifold. It has hand lapped spools specially made to that specific valve body. When in working mode, the pressure balanced spool will shift on a pad of air for just about smooth travel. Come with five ports and a dual exhaust.

Chart for certain valve models. * = straight threaded ports ** = comes with 1/4″ & 3/8″

Two position, dual actuated valves have to be put on a horizontal plane.

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