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Vickers PVB 20/29 Axial Piston Pump – Remote Control Of Compensator

For the right setting on the compensator control and use the remote relief valve setting. To do the adjustment settings, first turn the remote pressure control anti CW to the least setting. Next turn the compenator adjustment plug to the least amount of pressure you want it to be at. And put it at the highest pressure setting if you want/need to use the remote pressure control.

Black triangle means: this for loading sensing pressure limiter

PVB5/6………………191 PVB10-15…………..222 PVB20/29………….250

On port tapping:

Port Type Port Tapping A PFB5 .56518UNF-2B 28.7 PVB5/6 .562518UNF-2B 19 PVB10/15 .750016UNF-2B 29.3 PVB20/29 .750016UNF-2B 38.9

Most time you mount this side to side to help with keeping case fluid level. When doing up and down shaft up in pumps when it is ordered to have the extra drain port when using S30 option. But in all cases the drain line needs to be full size, not tangled up and hooked from the upper part of the drain port right to the reservoir in a way that the housing is filled with fluid. Closing off drain line helps prevent siphoning, eliminates below fluid level and other lines can’t be hooked up to the drain line. If you have a caution light it means to never go beyond the units case pressure (10PSI fir OFB10 only and 5 PSI for all the other models). When you go to start up for the first time, fill case with fluid thru the upper part of drain port. The housing needs to full always to keep internal lubrication going. Always bleed lines (when you first start it up) from the pump outlet to let priming and lower noise. You can bleed it by loosening an outlet hook up til a clear stream of fluid comes out. You can get a bleed valve by ordering it.

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