Fraud Blocker

April 2023

Heat Exchangers Series K

To hookup fluid that is hot in the lines and the water that is cooled in the lines you will need an automatic water regulating valve. You will need to put in inlet end of the cooler. Then put the water outlet piping in such a way that the exchanger stays submerged with water and […]

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Series 102 Hall Pump Valve

Input shaft extras – 1″ – 1 1/4″ Keyed 1 1/4″ 14 Toothed 7/8″ 13 Toothed Shaft Endcover extras – 4 bolt SAE C 2 Bolt SAE B & C Pad Mount The Series 102 has a single input shaft like the 101 Series. Also has a primary mount to the gear box/PTO. The 102

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Series 101 Hall Pump/Motor

If you need more information on this model, give us a call at 662-871-8403 [email protected]

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Hydraulic Valves

If you need further information on these valves, call us at 662-871-8403 [email protected]

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Air Presser Amplifiers Series M & 4

There are several types of these amplifiers to choose from. The pressure parameters are 100 PSI to 500 PSi. To prevent your unit from runaways, most let the inlet air to stabilize at the outlet before you let unit to cycle. If you need more info on this unit, call us at 662-871-8403 or 800-361-0068

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