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4 Way Valves Sizes – 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2″

VH Hand – you will have a manual lever to work the shift to make it go in either direction. VH SR Hand – this is also a manual lever to work the shift for the valve. It has a integrated air return that will instinctively shift the valve when the lever is discharged. VFP Foot Treable – the foot works the treadle to make the shift work the valve in either direction. VFT Foot Pedal – you will have to use your foot to shift the valve. When you take your foot off it will go back to it’s first location. VCV Cam – you will use manual shift of the valve. It is integrated with air return that will instinctively shift the valve when the cam is discharged. HTP – this is high temp spool seals. Temps go from 10 degrees F to 350 degrees F. You can go higher, but the longevity of the seal will be compromised. This is an option.

The exhaust port is 180 degrees from speed control. The acutators have a 180 degree modification and can be turned to any place about center.

VDS – general VDSX – will not explode If the electrical current is put to one of the solenoids it will shift the valves. It will stay that way til one of the other solenoids has an electrical current running thru it and make the valve go back to it’s orgin. If it is still has an electrical contact to it, the very first solenoid needs to be unhooked so the other one can be made to go.

Exhaust port is 180 degrees from speed control. Pressurized cylinder port is under solenoid.

Common Load Connector – gets rid of having two individual conduit hookups. It lets leads of one coil to go thru the hookup and go into the other housing, so all leads can go out thru one inlet.

A. Constant electrical current. B. Temporary electrical current. C. This also is temporary electrical currents to work the valves.

The chart in the middle of the page tell about – VSS & VSS AP is powering up the solenoid to pressurize the cylinder port under the solenoid. VSE SA powers up the solenoid pressurizing cylinder port on the other side of the solenoid. Lastly the exhaust port is 180 degrees from speed controls.

Double Pilot

VAP – pressure pilot

VSA – bleed pilot

Single Pilot

VAP SR – pressure pilot

This is mainly used to pilot the working spool to slide over to the internal porting.

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