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C Series Hydraulic Pump/Motor Combo’s

These are bi directional. To make sure these units stay lined up is done with an adaptor bracket. This unit is ball bearing enclosed. Has a frame of 56. Electric motor 1/2 to 1 1/2 hp. You can get these units as single phase, three phase. Then you have units that are pump/motor and tank combo’s. It can come with a five or ten gallon tank with the pump and motor. Make sure you tell the mechanic or sales person you want a certain size tank. It has a mesh strainer, breather and sight glass. It will also have the needed piping for the suction area of the pump.

This is on a 1725 rpm/150 ssu oil. The relief valves can be mounted on C models. Flow range 12 gpm. 85005015 Relief valve 50-250 gpm 85005016 Relief valve 200-150 psi 85005017 Relief valve 1500-3000 psi

On this diagram these can become any combination you need for your process. You can add electric motors to this also.

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