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Hy Hydraulic Cylinders Part lll

RM Dimension on HY Units 10,12 &14 bores, but not on units HY-MF1 and HY-MF5 The examples for these rods are for #2. You can have custom made rod ends, just have to tell them.


Piston Rod Sizes on this chart Sometimes longer rods will not hold up to the amounts of stress allowed in due to the length. For shorter rod the compression limiting load is determined by the material and for longer ones it is the modulus of the stretch ability of the material. The rod ends have to made right in order to help with the load pressure in order to do it’s job. On the chart tells the rod size that has the right stroke and thrust that is for certain rod sizes. Value of column length L in inches on the chart.

The diagrams at the bottom of the page is for the stop tube so it want close up on the rod and want have so much bearing down on the rod load. On the push stroke on A,B,C,D don’t let it jack knife on itself. If the L goes over 50″, go to a whole inch of stop tube for each 10″ of length that goes over 50″. You will have to add the stop tube length when you try to figure out the final value of L when you put it together. When you have an even mounted cylinder that has a piston rod that is not supported and has no extra weight on it, use an extra inch of stop tube for every 10″ of length if over 50″. It want let the rod bearing that is being overloaded when it is stretched out to capacity. Bearing loads shouldn’t be go over 200 psi for a long while and not go over 350 psi at no time. On center trunnion cylinder it is best when the rod bearing load is about even (X1) to about 1/2 the length before the cylinder length just begins to fall apart. .

This chart and the one above…should be viewed side by side. * Add stroke to dimension ** stroke * X1 dimension
Hydraulic Cylinder Speeds The cylinder rod speeds are measured in inches per minute. If yours has lines with rod diameter as none extension speeds and no retraction speeds.


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