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Cylinder Accessories

Ordering Process – If your cylinder has the adjusting kit, put on there you need a KR, it is the nomenclature. This means it will have 2″ extra threaded rod extension for the rod tie bar. Then look on table here and see what type and what stroke you need. Also look on table and select the rear mount type. If you order the complete unit, it will come from the factory already to go.

A. Accessory Pin – 1/16″ of the pin is used to actuate an electrical switch or tiny valve to have command over another machine. Actuation really starts when it is 1/8″ ahead of a full stroke is finished. Then you can put your pins in either or both sides. On standard cylinders pins are on the same plane as the tail pivot hole and ports are 180 degrees from the pins. Square head cylinder pins are 90 degrees CW from ports from rod end. Valve in head cylinder pins are 90 degrees CCW from inlet port from rod end. Ordering – “IF” means put in from the front end. “IR” means rear end and “IB” both ends. B. Switch Coupler – goes with all accessory pins and make mounting easy. C. Electrical box – single conduit wiring on double solenoid valves and valve in head.

A. Adjustable stroke kit – this fits all cylinders, but the integral square head and valve in head kind VAR, VER & VCR. The kit has front foot mount, rod tie bar, threaded adjustment rod and guide rod.
B. Automatic return – use with valve head SVA/SVE-VA only. If you have an air bleed or electrical signal it will go one cycle. The rod is stretched out on KRE and retracted on KRR. This kit is the same as “K” with an extra V2 valve, actuating arm and hardware you will need. C. Automatic reciprocating – this is made to work with valve in head unit SVA only. When air pressure is made available, the unit will instantly reciprocate. It is best to have a shut off valve put on the inlet line. The kit is same as “K” with extras – two V2 valves, actuating arms and hardware.

A. Outboard Rod guide – goes on the front head and matches the nose threads. It gives and extra rod bearing and seal it 2: from the front head rod bearing that is already there. This will help with side thrust to make the cylinder last longer.
B. Sintered filter silencer – this lowers air exhaust noise t o a bearable level as not to restrict flow. If vent ports are use helps with particles from coming into the unit. C. Built in bleed valve – helps make other bleed valve on machinery actuated. Pu in a line from the bleeder pilot to the built in bleeder valve. Actuating starts 1/8″ ahead of full stroke of the cylinder being done. They can go in either direction or both ways. If you order put on there for the nomenclature “RF” means valve is put in on the front end, “RR” for rear end and “RB” both ends.

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