Fraud Blocker

Eaton Series 1-3 Models 33 thru 64

If you motors have a lip seal you will need to take out the shaft seal you will need to use a par of retaining ring pliers to take out the retaining ring. Then use a punch and hammer to make a hole in the shaft seal. Put in a 3 inch screw that has a blunt end that can go into the hole just enough to get the shaft seal out of the pocket. Next put in the blade of the screw driver so it reaches the seal and get it open to get the seal so you don’t hurt the output drive shaft.

If you have a motor that has a face seal you will need use a pair of retaining ring pliers. Put a bolt in the threaded hold of the permanent seal so you can take out the assy from the mounting flange. You can use rotating seal puller to grasp the outside of the bronze rotating seal. Take the seal out from the output drive shaft. Usually an o ring is in the recess of the seal. If not take it out of the output drive shaft. Any time you are changing out seals, always best to use a new one when you put it back together.

And it is always good to clean all parts and work on a clean surface so no debris gets into the unit.

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