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Eaton Series 11 Check Valve


To assemble this put the retaining ring and check valve balls in the holes of the pintle. Push a new check valve into the holes and push it hard enough it goes past the coil pin allowance. And don’t push so hard you make the retaining rings you make the check valves come out of the holes.



Some models don’t have an acceleration valve, so if you do have one it is opposite the check valve. Next you need to push the pin from the pintle housing (#13). Then put in a 3/16 dia. rod (#14) thru the check valve body. The rod needs to be tapped against the check valve ball to shift the retaining rings. You need to do this again for another check valve. Remove the rings and check valve balls out of the large port of the pintle journal.







Put in rod thru the check valve body to go right up next to the acceleration valve body and take out the valve body and ball out of the bore hole. Does this again for the other valve body and ball. Also take out the springs.



And take note that all models take similar springs for forward and reverse. So make sure you know which spring you need to be replaced for that certain bore size. Next push drive coil pin out of the pintle housing. Substitute another ball thru the port that goes into the check valve body. The rod that measures 3/16 dia. thru the acceleration valve bore next to the check valve ball and take out the valve and ball from the pintle housing. Do it again for the other check valve.



Make sure to clean all your parts good. Look them over for any burrs or marks on them. If there is a bad part, get another one ordered for it. Put the new acceleration valve springs and valves. They need to go in smoothly into the bore holes and the orifices are thoroughly cleaned. Push the two balls right next to the acceleration body til there is a clear passage of the pin. Push the dowel pin in so it is even or just below the surface area of the pintle area. Put in the new check valve retaining rings and balls in the pintle bore. Put the check valves body that go into the bore holes til the coil pin clears.







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