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Racine PSV 80/100 Variable Volume Pump

-52 model and all rear ported pumps. All kits have in them a rotor, two bearings, set of vanes, one pressure ring, four hole pins, one/two keys, one seal kit and two port plates.

(*) means it is in the seal kit

Coupling system is a wet model. The main pump don’t have a rear shaft seal. This lets the adaptor to fill with fluid to lubricate and cool the coupling. If the weight of the railing pump goes over 65 lbs, the part should be used. Roll pins need to be pressed into a pump before you put it together.
The support guides in both tandems mounting kits. The height difference for each operation, the customer needs to provide the support rods and lock nuts. Your alignment needs to be .0003″variance and needs to be put on the same mounting area as the pump and motor.
You will need support rods if you use a trailing pump that go over 65 lbs. Needs to be on the same mounting area as the electric motor and pump flange bracket.

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