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Rexroth A10V Size 71 With Control Valves

Ports B outlet port SAE Flange code 61 SAE J518 1 in. Fixing thread ISO 68 3/8 – 16 UNC .71 (18) deep 29 lb ft. S Intlet port SAE Flange code 61 SAE J518 2 in Fixing thread ISO 68 1/2 – 13 UNC .87 (22) deep 66 lb ft L/L1 Case drain port L plugged ISO 11926 7/8 – 14 UNF 177 lb ft, Mb Measuring port operating press. plugged DIN 3852 G 1/4 51 lb ft. Ansi B92 1 1996 30 degrees pressure angle, flat base, flank centering, fit class 5

Set up pressure control Dr

Set up flow control valve like DRS

If you want a reliable drive torque with different operating pressure, swivel the angle and it goes with the output flow of teh axial pump it is different in a way that the flow of fluid and pressure can be the same.

Your flow control is possible to be under the limit of the power curve.

The power preference is set at the factory. You will need to put in your preference, so clear it out and text in what you need it to be.

Pilot oil consumption 1.45 gpm and flow loss.


B outlet port

S Inlet port

L1/L2 Case drain ports l plugged

X Pilot pressure port

MB Measuring port operating pressure plugged

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