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Racine SV 20 Variable Volume Pump

RH rotation pump and manifold mounting Don’t go over the torque per lb to tighten it up Proper roll pin placement look on the other diagrams to know how to put together
The space from the pump mounting flange center of the port went up by 5/8 of an inch *If you use a torque limiter control or the older style compensator you will need to use a shim. If you change anything out on your unit, change the info on the tag. Modify your pump by the pump size. Where the backup ring in the suction part needs some attention paid to, because if the arc is bigger then the backup can fall off into the body. The port plates got rotated about 7 inches. They don’t have port plates, new models got rid of this feature the backup ring. Make sure you have the right parts when working on this unit.
* bolts are not in the assy.

* it is in the seal kit Viton ** no longer available ask the factory about a replacement

RH rotation is what the diagram is. The 1st stage can only be bought as the whole assy. The first box of parts list…*it is in the seal kit……**on compensator the screw is for mounting the 1st stage to the pump body. If you want other options it uses ferry head screws.
The last box of parts list …*it is in the seal kit

Coupling unit is a wet design. The main pump doesn’t come with a rear shaft seal. It lets the adapter fill up with fluid so it can grease and cool it off. Roll pins need to be pressed into the pump before you put it together. Support info is on the chart.

The support rods are in each of the tandem mounting kits. There are different height differences for each type of job you want it to do, that they leave it up to the customer to bring their own rods and lock nuts. On the chart are support guide diameters and how you should mount it. If your trailing pump/pumps go over 65lbs you will need support rods. You will need to put them on the bottom of the rod that goes to the same mounting area as the electric motor and pump flange bracket.

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