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Radiators For Cooling Engines

ESR Series

It has a down flow layout that has a sheer metal or bolted assy to it. The bolted radiators consist of tanks and side members that you can bolt to the case itself and headers that make it stronger. You can put either kind of radiator on stand alone equipment or mobile equipment. These kinds of radiators would normally go on construction or agricultural vehicles, mining and industrial generators and other power sources. They can give you units that have all kinds of cooling scenarios, different mountings options, and all kinds of fluid lines propositions. Some of the bolted units can offer dual inlets and outlets that have installation that is easy.

SM Series

These are sheet metal radiators. They are a light to medium style of operation radiators. These are also a stand alone or mobile equipment radiators. The SM series offers a down flow and a cross flow makeup for their radiators. There are other options such as a plate or serpentine fins in a shutter, contoured or flat types of radiators. It has different kinds of water hookups and mounting rigging to help with putting it on. They are very compact, as to save on space on your unit for all kinds of different operations.

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