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Series 25 Valves That Are Base Mounted

Solenoid Pilot Control
The top two charts show solenoids that don’t have connectors. Other charts will have the connectors on them. If you see an ISO beside next to it, it will show the internal solenoid pilot. Some of the specs for the chart at the bottom. The pilot solenoid valve that use filtered air can be lubricated or non lubricated. 230 PSI if for the pressure range vacuum. Also, if you model is external piloted, then you should at all times have the minimum pressure for the pilot supply.

MV Valve Features include: has a sub base manifold mounting, small in size, it both locks and unlock thru manual operating and this is for the top diagram on Solenoid Pilot Controlled Valves. The bottom diagram of Air Operated Valves is small in size, closed cross over and it flows in both directions. sub base or manifold mounting.
Air Operated
The flow can go in either direction. Vacuum pressure range .05″ of water to 230 psi. You can have this manually operated. Vales that are directional with filtered air come lubricated or without.

Flow Control/Adaptors
A. On your sub-plate you can go single or multi station on your manifold. The exhaust port have their own adjustment screw. Make sure to turn it CW to cut off flow and lower the exhaust port air flow to leisurely cylinder speed. B. Has condensed inline mounting. You can get this so you can do either air cylinder ports or valve ports. You can change the flow rate by rotating the valve barrel. C. If you have a standard model you can get it as a manual operation. You can get it as a whole valve. You will need to have the manual model number in order to get the correct part. D. Some of the aspects are it has a large flow rate, operating pressure can be adjusted to low, the regulating range is huge and has exact settings on the locking nut. On the introduced pressure regulator that goes between the valve and sub plate to set the inlet pressure that goes to the valve and to the manifold.

Pilot Extensions
These are made in a way that the form of the end cap and extra placement of gaskets gives an apparent guide of the task of the unit when it is put together. The top chart shows ISO -1, gaskets are placed so A and B extensions can be seen on each side of the endcap. ISO -2, 3, 4 you have two placements of each end cap and you have four of the red gasket. A is marked on one side and B on the other one.

For the manifold at the top: on the manifold you disperse and empty air that is ported to the end plates and to the cylinder attachment are on bottom ports. The bottom diagram is a side port base is used for solenoid valves or air pilot ports. This has an isolator disc kit. And when you have single stations they have to ordered by themselves if you have the dual supply pressure end plate kit.

Solenoid and Solenoid Pilot The picture on the right has a pilot valve damper, It rotates 90 degrees, the connectors are indexed 180 degrees, if it is manual you can lock or unlock and you can unhook the electrical very easily. The picture on the left is pretty much the same except for the connectors are indexed at 90 degrees.

You can have the connectors ordered by themselves. But if you do order connectors with solenoid valve you will need the four digit code in order to order this part.

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