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Series 750 Hall Pump/Motor

Component List
If a part/s show up in color on the diagram or parts list, it means individual multiple units On the diagram at the top in the middle you will see A & B. A means counter clockwise and B means clockwise for #7. Check valves in both locations are bi- directional rotation.
Port End Covers
The porting for these pumps is done thru ports on the sides of the gear housing. Usually if you are doing this thru the port end cover, it is a custom request.

Gear Housing
Gear Housing
Shaft End Cover
* w/outboard bearing

Drive Shafts
A. SAE C splined shaft w/necessary gear that has a singular unit B. SAE C splined shaft w/necessary gear that has several units C. SAE C independent straight keyed shaft If you are wanting 88 code and shaft they need to have outboard bearings, but the gears are not necessary D. this is a joining shaft for several units

Bearing Carriers
Tandem pumps – X or W codes. Tandem motors – Y code

Pump Performance
conversion 1 gpm 231 cu in min

Pump Performance

Pump Performance

Motor Performance

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