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hy cylinders

Hy Hydraulic Cylinders Part lll

  The diagrams at the bottom of the page is for the stop tube so it want close up on the rod and want have so much bearing down on the rod load. On the push stroke on A,B,C,D don’t let it jack knife on itself. If the L goes over 50″, go to a […]

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HY Hydraulic Cylinders Part ll

If you need help understanding these charts and diagrams or help with repairs to your unit, give us a call at 662-871-8403 [email protected]

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HY Hydraulic Cylinder

Number One: Face Ground and raised endcaps that are from ASTM A 108-61 C1117 substance. It will give a parallel and square area for machining, putting it on and stable alignment. Number Two: The seal on the cylinder is on there securely, to prevent leaks. Number Three: The tube is pilot fitted and goes right

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