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Vickers Inline Variable Pump PVB6/PVB5/MVB5- F-UDY-21

The model code is layed so you know what the meanings of the letters and numbers mean.

Pintle Bearing

When putting parts together like the bearing o.d. area and the mating area in the housing are free of debris. Put seal compound on the bearing o. d. and press down where it is suppose to be. Use something like loctite.

Model (if it has a black square = valve plate S/A PVB*-RS-21-C(*)-11 942223 PVB*-LS-21-C(*)-11 942224 PVB*-RD-21-HM-10 942225 PVB-LD-21-HM-10 942224 MVB5-UD-20-HM-10 942227

Pressure Range PSI Compensator Kit Spring C 250-3000 (PVB5) White circle with a line thru it 250-2000 (PVB5) 942158 239371 CM 250-1500 942159 265693

Rotation Plate Screw Model 404751 227407 C/CM 195060 227401 HM

If you have type C & CM compensator control they are show above. The white circle with line thru it = PVB6 pressure adjustment doesn’t need to go over 2000 PSI.

White Diamond = put the gasket with the small end of teardrop looking hole that points toward the compensator adj. plug.

Black triangle = it is in 919191 seal kit F3 equivalent 919308 Black square = it is in valve plate s/a White square = it is in pressure compensator kit Black circle = it is in rotating group White triangle = to be used with the compensator control only

Bearing Control Pintle Oring Model 242222 237191/237433 200088 H-10/M-10

Cylinder Block Piston S/A Kit Rotating Group Model 677061 942229 875775 PVB5 677059 942229 875772 MVB5 677060 942230 875773 PVB6

Models Yokes Housing Motors & Handwheel M lever (L) & no control pump 237192 436462 Pressure Compensated pump 231557 308334

For longer life use a full flow filtration to give fluid standards like ISO to help keep it clean.

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