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Parker – Denison Goldcup Series 6C/7A/8A Variable Displacement With An Auxiliary Ensemble

Drive shaft and bearing need to be cleaned thoroughly and put a coating of oil on them to help with wear and tear on the parts.

To put the drive shaft back together start with a retaining ring going over the internal end of the shaft and put in the groove that is closest to the shaft seal area. Make sure you don’t put the ring over the seal area.

Push the bearing onto the internal spline end and put it right up against the ring. With the inner race of the bearing held in place, push the coupling end of the shaft on. Next put in the retaining ring into the grooves and make sure they are all the way in there. Flush with the surface.

Drive Shaft & Bearing

Drive shaft assy. #2 S13-41806 SAE 32-1 Keyed c #3 S13-41805 SAE 32-4 Splined C #4 S23-15832 SAE 44-1 Keyed D #5 S23-15831 SAE 44-4 Splined D

Barrel & Auxiliary Drive Shaft

Push the barrel in the splined shaft hole in the barrel with the a tool that you insert into the bigger and turned down end. Put the stop and spring over the shaft in the same order. Place the shaft in the barrel, make sure it is on the tool and make sure teh spring retainer is upon the shaft and right up next to the spring. Put the bigger end of the tool, where the tapered hole is up, is over the shaft and next to the barrel face. Enter the ring that has a gap of 5/8″ of the notch in the barrel so that it is easily taken out. Now take the smaller end of the tool and put it over the shaft and make sure it is upon the ring. Push on the end of the assy. tool and making sure the ring is right on the surface of the groove in the barrel. Lastly take out the assy tool, make sure everything is put in correctly and make sure the barrel is not nicked up.

S13-43654 P6 Barrel and shaft assy S13-42316 P7 Barrel and shaft assy S23-12717 P8 Barrel and shaft assy

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